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The feeling of success DOES NOT emanate from the achievement of goals.

The feeling of success stems from your own personal knowledge that you did what was possible and necessary to achieve the goal. In which case, when you don’t achieve your goal, then you can say that it was not the time and move on or, even better, improve on your next attempt.

You’ll probably become familiar with this feeling as you grow up and notice it even more when this feeling is absent. The time you feel like a failure is when you feel something gnawing inside, reminding you that you deliberately missed a spot. Don’t ever ignore that feeling because that’s your conscience talking to you; learning to ignore one’s conscience is the worst thing any person can do to himself. So acknowledge it and, next time, don’t deliberately miss a spot.


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Being open to mom and dad

Being able to talk to us about anything (and i mean anything) is a very important thing because it’s in all sorts of parent-child conversations (even uncomfortable ones like *grimace* sex and teenage pregnancy talks) that we get to learn a lot of things from one another. It’s also during any of these conversation when we get to support one another and feel closer as a family.

One of the worst thing that can happen is when one member (parents included) start to feel that that they can’t talk openly to the rest of the family. Things will start to breakdown from there.

Mikey and Christian, if any of you start feeling that you can’t talk openly to me or your mom, let us know. Your openess towards us is something that i look forward to and hold dear.

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I’d like you to think about this, son, when you are of a mature enough age: why is it taboo to mention one’s own genitals in public? Most people refer to their penis or vagina as “private parts,” Oprah calls her vagina “Va Jay Jay,” others would rather say “down there.”

But if we consider ourselves exact replicas of our maker, why are we ashamed to openly talk about these body parts that are just as normal as an arm or a leg. In fact, it’s the one body part that makes real the gift of life. Why are we so ashamed of it?

It’s a social taboo that has been so ingrained in our minds that, I must admit, even as I question this social norm right now, I would still probably be unable to talk straight about penises and vaginas under normal circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong, the point of this post isn’t to tell you that you should go and say “penis” or “vagina” day in and day out as you grow up without fear of social consequences. What I’m asking you to do instead is to NOT stop asking questions like this. Do not let your curiosity about life and the world around you be stifled by social norms and beliefs. Be always curious and strive to learn and understand because I think that this is one of the ways to live in harmony with reality.

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