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Profound emotions

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the most profound emotions are the negative ones. On the contrary, I believe that negative emotions are a cop out. I believe that sadness and anger, for example, are mainly the result of one’s inability to see the bigger picture. Some would argue that feelings are neither right or wrong. I believe that’s partly true. At the onset, negative feelings are understandable. However, if we let these negative feelings/emotions rule our lives. If we allow ourselves to dwell in these negative feelings, then we are not exercising our full capacity to understand, to seek the truth, to be truly human.

I say this of my recent observation back in Cebu where I noticed a gallery of artwork, and a mural right outside that gallery where the emotions being conveyed were about sadness, about anger. There were some that conveyed happiness, but it was depicted in a sarcastic manner, as if the artist was embarrassed by the emotion.

I say the most profound emotion is that which emanates from love. When you choose to love someone despite your awareness of their shortcomings, beautiful and very positive emotions emanate from it. Emotions that give you a sense of happiness that you should not be ashamed of.

Sadness is not profound. Happiness from love is.


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