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Knowing everything about the world we live in is not possible. I know I said previously that you should strive to learn new things everyday and I still stand by that. I just want you to understand that there are limits to what we can know. It may seem confusing to you at first. The reason I’m telling you this is because I don’t want you to end up thinking too highly of yourself. I want you to realise that we are all just parts of a bigger reality. I’m not belittling your worth in this world, of course: we all have an important part to play. What I’m saying is that I don’t want you to isolate yourself from those around you by thinking that you know everything.


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The world is an endless source of new discoveries, son. No matter how much you learn, there will always be more things that you don’t know about. Enjoy this aspect of reality. It’s one of the things that keep life interesting, and I suspect it’s one of the reasons why we are here in this world: to learn and to have fun doing it.

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English and Math

Son, if there are only two subjects that you have to be really good at, make it English and Math.

Do well in English because it is the universal language and a huge chunk of the knowledge acquired by mankind over the years is communicated through it. English is one of the basic building blocks of an individual’s stock of knowledge. Do well in it and you will have an easier time understanding the world. Of course, don’t forget your native language since this is the medium through which our people’s culture is transmitted. Also, keep in mind that you might also need to learn other languages (people say Mandarin will be the new English in a few years).

Do well in Math because it lets you practice, and thus improve, your analytical skills. Math also helps you think logically (logic is also a prerequisite to one’s analytical skills). Even more important is that Math (and its branches) is actually mankind’s attempt to model the world around him. We’ve been working for so many years to build and refine it and while it’s still not yet a complete and perfect representation of reality (we’ve probably only covered the tip of the iceberg), Math has certainly come a long way. Do well in it and you will have an easier time understanding the world.

To be honest, and this is going a bit off-topic, I dream of you choosing a career in one of the fields of engineering or science (physics, perhaps?). Don’t let that pressure you, though. I’m just being a father, and fathers are allowed to dream like that sometimes. I want to tell you now that whatever field you choose in life, your mother and I will be there for you. But at least make sure it’s honest and decent work…and that you do well in English and Math.

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