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Taken  from Signal vs. Noise

…rather than just taking on jobs you can put your heart into, you should find a way to put your heart into everything you do.


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A significant portion of your character is determined by the quality of your work (I’m referring to the kind of work that you do, not the company or place where you work). I know that probably sounds backwards: we’re more used to thinking that our character determines the quality of our work. But keep in mind that the relationship between character and quality of work isn’t a one-way street: Character determines quality of work and quality of work influences character. It sounds like a chicken and egg problem, doesn’t it? Look, I don’t want to get all philosophical on you now so I’m just going to say this: with a little bit of perseverance, an open mind, and the support of everyone around you it’s easier to directly affect the quality of your work than it is to directly affect your character. So find ways to improve the quality of your work to get that cycle going.

P.S. Thats not to say that you shouldn’t work directly on your character either. You should. But for quick-response, short-term improvements, quality of work helps.

P.P.S. Just in case you end up being a geek like me, an engineering-based analogy might help. It’s similar to a set of capacitors within a very basic AC to DC power supply. The capacitors I’m talking about are the ones connected in parallel between the rectifier and the outlets. Note that these capacitors come in varying sizes. What the smaller ones do is similar to what improvement in quality of work would do for your character, whereas the effect of the larger ones would be similar to what would happen if you work on your character directly. Ask me about this when you’re older. It’s hard to write everything down and I’d rather scribble diagrams on a piece of tissue than post it here.

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