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A phrase I overheard last Sunday afternoon: Things are thieves of time. The more you own or desire them, the more time you have to sacrifice by working to keep or acquire them.

This is particularly relevant at this stage in my life when I’m beginning to ask whether the things that I’m able to acquire are worth the sacrifice I’m making with the relationships in my life. Not that I’ve been burning bridges, but a little neglect here and forgetting to touch base every now and then can add up and before you know it…you know what I mean.

I hope you won’t have to go through these concerns during your time. I hope that you won’t have to face a decision between life and working to acquire things (and if you must, that you always choose life). I hope that you have better luck weaving your way through this world and I hope you always find yourself successful in nurturing the relationships you have with family and friends. I hope you always know that working and “things” exist to support life and relationships and not the other way around.

I hope you don’t let yourself be lured by the temptations of things which are, I think, the root cause of many worries in life.


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